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Prednji kotač DT Swiss M1900 Spline DB 29″ 25mm center lock 15/100mm crna

DT Swiss

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132,72 s PDV-om

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Adapted rim
SPLINE® wheels come with rims specifically designed for their intended use and are tubeless convertible.

Straight pull spokes
SPLINE® wheels use high precision straight pull spokes for the perfect strength to weight ratio. Stronger than conventional spokes, they are still true- and replaceable with standard tools.

Spoke positioning
The SPLINE® hub shell design and straight pull spokes allow for an optimized position of the spoke anchor points, creating a stiffer, more responsive wheel.

Spoke anchors
Due to the shape of the spoke anchors, spoke pull has only minimal effects on the bearing seats, which in turn considerably increases bearing longevity.

Lacing pattern
SPLINE® hubs are optimized for their respective lacing pattern. This ensures that the spokes align with mathematical precision so that material use is minimized for the best strength to weight ratio.

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